What are presets?
Presets are a collection of pre-designed settings in Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) that give your (RAW) photo files color/tonal parameters with a single click on the selected preset.t.

What parameters regulate the presets?
Presets control most of the parameters available in Lightroom/ACR, with the exception of exposure and white balance, which should be adjusted to your liking. We can also make changes to these parameters ourselves (such as Tone Curve, HSL, Split Toning, Calibration), it all depends on what final effect we want to achieve in the photo. Sometimes small changes in white balance or exposure make a big difference to the final result of processing.

Do I have to shoot in RAW to use presets?
Presets are designed for RAW files, which are characterized by a large tonal range and lack of compression. RAW files allow you to maintain the highest fidelity of image reproduction offered by the camera, which gives the possibility of much better and more accurate processing of the file in a program such as Lightroom or ACR. Therefore, we strongly recommend using the RAW format in the camera when taking photos.
On files in .JPG format, presets will also work, but with limitations for this format. (small tonal range, high compression, flat image)z)

Are presets suitable for all types of photos?
Presets are designed for photos taken outdoors and indoors.
However, keep in mind that presets do not save incorrectly taken photos. You should always take care of the best quality of the output photo. Appropriate exposure, correctly selected white balance, or a conscious choice of the environment in which we photograph will be our ally in the later stage of photo editing, and the work will be much more effective.a.

Which preset packs are for wedding, portrait photography?

All packages from the collection have been specially designed for this type of photographyART.
These are ART, ART II and ART III. Thanks to them, we will get nice and natural tones both in indoor and outdoor photography, they will also take care of the natural skin tone of the photographed people.

In what version of Lightroom/ACR will the presets work properly?
Presets will work correctly on the following software versions:
- Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and Lightroom Classic CC (Desktop version)
- Adobe Camera RAW for Photoshop CC& CS6 (version 7.1 and above)

Are the same presets for Lightroom and ACR??
In the main file that you will receive after purchase, there are two folders with presets for Lightroom and ACR. In each of them there are presets saved in formats suitable for Lightroom and ACR. Instructions for their installation are attached to each folder.

Will presets improve my work in photo processing??
Definitely yes! When processing many photos, as in the case of wedding photography or travel photos, presets will allow us to give a common style to more photos at once, and thus save a lot of time.

What are the forms of payment?
The main form of payment on the store's website is PayPal. It is also possible to pay by credit or debit card (select the method in the paypal login window). The payment currency is Euro. If we use a PayPal account or a credit card in PLN, the amount will be automatically converted from Euro to PLN.

I don't have a PayPal account or credit card, are there other payment methods available??
Outside the store, payments can be made by bank transfer in PLN. For this purpose, please contact us by e-mail: contact@vividpresets.com or via the message form onFB. In the message, please specify which product you are interested in, then we will send all information such as the account number and the amount to be paid in PLN.

In what form will I receive my order?
When purchasing via the online store www.vividpresets.com, right after the purchase you will receive an e-mail with order confirmation and a link to download the purchased presets. This is an instant purchase.
However, after making the payment by bank transfer, the package with the purchased presets is sent to the e-mail address provided by you, up to 24 hours after the transfer is credited to the account.

I buy presets for a company, will I get an invoice?
Of course. When purchasing via the website, an invoice is issued automatically. The link to download the invoice is at the bottom of the order confirmation email.
Before making a purchase, remember to enter all the necessary data to issue an invoice in the basket: such as company name, address and tax identification number.
When paying by bank transfer, after sending all the data, we will issue a standard invoice.

On how many computers can I install the presets?
Presets can be installed on any number of computers, depending on how many licenses we have for Lightroom or Adobe Camera RAW.


Is the installation manual included with the presets?
Yes, detailed instructions for installing presets in Lightroom and ACR are included in the file and are in the folder with presets.

In brief:
1. Unzip the downloaded file, go to the LIGHTROOM folder
2. (Mac) In Lightroom, click on the word Lightroom on the top bar of the program, then on Preferences. 2a. (on a Windows computer) Edit -> preferences.
3. In the window that appears, go to the PRESETS tab and locate the SHOW LIGHTROOM PRESETS FOLDER button.
4. Then go to the folder -> Lightroom -> Develop Preset
5. Copy the folder with the selected collection of presets to the Develop Presets folder, e.g. ART III COLLECTION.
6. Restart Lightroom.

1. Unzip the downloaded file, go to the ACR folder.
2. (on a MAC) Find in Finder: Users -> your username/computer name -> Library -> Application Support -> Adobe -> Camera Raw -> Settingsgs
(on Windows PC) Local Disk (C:) / Users / your username / computer / AppData / Roaming / Adobe / Camera Raw / Settingsia
3. Copy all the .xmp files from the selected preset collection, e.g. ART III COLLECTION (not the folder, just individual .xmp files) to the Settings folder
4. Launch Adobe Photoshop

Are digital downloads like presets returnable?wi?
Products that are downloaded directly to the customer's computer are non-refundable after paying for the order.
Therefore, before buying, it is worth making sure that we have the right version of the software on which the presets will work correctly.

Can I share the presets with someone??
Presets are copyrighted and only the person who purchased them has a license to use them. Sharing them with third parties is against the law.

I would like to start working in Lightroom. Where can I download it and where can I find Lightroom learning materials?
A free one-month trial can be found here:ADOBE LIGHTROOM (subscription required after one month)
Here, however, you will find support materials that will guide you through the installation and help you learn the program's features:ADOBE LIGHTROOM SCIENCE


Haven't found an answer to your question Write to us at contact@vividpresets.com or at FB. We will try to answer every question :)